Week 6 – A picture says a thousand words

Pinterest and Instagram have revolutionised the idea of photo sharing and taken traditional social media to whole new level. These ultra-creative image-sharing platforms, give users a whole new realm to socialise and captivate a story simply through the use of photos and captions. Instagram is an app that allows users to upload and edit their photos with various different filters. Users have the choice to add a caption, or simply let the photo do the talking by provoking likes and comments from followers. While Pinterest is similar in regards to the photo-sharing aspect, this platform can be accessed online or via the Pinterest app. Users upload photos and can include a hyperlink for viewers to click-through to (especially handy for businesses to pin products with links to purchase!). Followers can then ‘pin’ the photo to one of their inspiration boards for their followers to see. Photography lovers rejoice!


 Pic Source: Pinterest

Pinterest and Instagram can be used as highly effective communication tactics for brands and organisations. PR Daily features an informative infographic about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to and generate sales from your website. The Social Media Examiner also outlines 26 helpful tips for businesses using Instagram, which include tips about posting photos that represent brand image, and not just simply photos of the products.


 Pic Source: FrankBod via Instagram 

Palm Beach Collection has engaged a niche audience to post photos of their empty candle jars and reuse them as a foundation for floral arrangements. The campaign, which is still running, uses the hashtag ‘makingoldnewagain’ and engages publics to post their creations on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Melbourne start-up Frank Body uses a vicious and highly effective marketing strategy through Instagram to generate sales and awareness. The body-scrub company encourages those who use the product to post naked selfies covered in coffee scrub using the hastag ‘thefrankeffect’. This strategy proved to be highly successful, with the Frank Body Instagram profile having over 340,000 followers at the time of publication.