Week 7 – The plus side of Google+ & the Facebook for professionals

Google+ is an online social networking platform owned by Google Inc. In January 2013, Forbes announced Google+ as the world’s second largest social network in terms of active users, following closely behind Facebook. Even with statistics reporting 343 million active users, there has been recent speculation of Google+ slowly dying. PR Daily recently described the future of Google+ in a blog published in June, however still highlighted 3 key reasons as to why businesses should still have a Google+ profile:

– For Search Engine Optimisation; Since Google owns the social networking site, it provides key advantages for SEO. The content that is posted to your Google+ profile, can rank significantly in search results where the company’s website may not
No paid posts; Unlike its rivalry Facebook, content posted to Google+ is free and does not have to deal with picky algorithms
– High levels of Engagement; Google+ has the second-highest social media post-click engagement, behind YouTube. Google+ also provides excellent opportunities to engage with Google+ Communities


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site known as ‘Facebook for white-collar professionals’. According to The Social Media Examiner, over 3 million companies have a LinkedIn company page, with 148 different industries represented on company pages. LinkedIn company pages are essential for brand visibility and for building a sustainable, engaged community around the products and services that an organisation offers. And if you’re still not 100% convinced, PR Daily also featured an insightful infographic about LinkedIn’s extensive business potential to really enforce the reasons as to why businesses should make the most of the professional networking site.