Week 3 – Facing facts – Facebook is here to stay

A decade after being launched, Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, with 10 million Australians logging on to the platform every day. Facebook has become a profitable marketing tool to reach target demographics. Since conventional advertising methods operate using a one-way asymmetrical model, social media platforms like Facebook, allow for two-way symmetrical communication between an organisation and its publics. Facebook should be included as an important marketing tool in every company’s integrated marketing strategy, as it has the ability to use people’s personal data to target very specific demographics on behalf on the advertiser. 


Pic Source: http://www.thefunnyblog.org/tag/funny-facebook/    

Due to Facebook’s ability to allow brands to communicate directly with fans, an organisation’s Facebook page must be continually monitored and updated to keep fans engaged. The PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook outlines a few tips for companies to use to manage their page: 

–       Ask tons of questions

–       Incorporate upcoming events, product launches and other happenings into the ‘content calendar’

–       Use third-party apps to build out tabs

–       Let fans know about new contests, events and other tabbed content by posting regularly

–       Even with multiple admins having access to the account, assign one primary manager to ensure the ‘content calendar’ is being followed and the main posts are in harmony with the voice and the values of the brand

–       Ensure you are familiar with Facebook’s promotional guidelines, pages guidelines and brand resources page

–       Make sure people have to ‘like’ the page before they get to enter a contest or get access to a promotion. ShortStack and other third-party apps offer this option

–       Give fans a bit of power. Consider posting pictures of new products and letting the community decide on what to name it

–       Let fans know that you’re listening. Always make sure there is someone there to monitor comments and respond to them fast