Week 5 – Twitter Tactics

Who would have thought a message of 140 characters would become the essence of how we communicate through social media? Thanks to Twitter, the idea of microblogging has become the ideal way to share information and communicate. According to The Social Media Bible, tweets generally have a ‘lifespan’ of about 24 hours to make an impression. Twitter is very much an uncontrolled communication platform, where people can contact high profile brands and organisations, simply through the use of an ‘@’ sign. A key benefit of Twitter for businesses is the ability for businesses to be able to search for keywords about the brand, products or competing products, through the use of hashtags. Information can be sought instantly in real time, and is often the best way to be updated, especially during breaking news and events.


PR Daily often blogs about ways optimise Twitter use for businesses. There are apps such as HootSuite, which allow businesses to post automatic updates during busy times or during times of travel. Other useful tips include reducing tweets to 120 characters, to allow for fans to add in a comment when they retweet. The best times to tweet include from 1pm – 4pm during weekdays, except on Fridays where the cut off is 3pm. Marketing Mag also suggests for businesses to avoid posting tweets on weekends, so they don’t run the risk of low engagement on the post.


Pic Source: http://www.techwyse.com/blog/social-media-marketing/how-business-and-organizations-can-leverage-twitter-guide/

With various ways to maximise the use of Twitter, there should be no reason why businesses and brands do not make the most of the fast-paced, short and sweet, Twitterverse!


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