Week 1 – Blogging

Blogging creates opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect to customers through two-way conversation. Blogs provide a convenient online outlet for anyone to share their individual thoughts and activities, as Safko highlights in the book The Social Media Bible. Over the past few years, fashion blogging has become increasingly popular, with readers looking to bloggers as a trusted source for recommendations.  According to Social Media Revolution 2011, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertising. Online lifestyle blogs are available for a worldwide audience to read and look to the blogs for recommendations on the latest trends, products, services and brands. Bloggers with a large following are able to make blogging a full-time job, like Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us.


Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us (Pic source: TheyAllHateUs)

An important aspect of blogging is to ensure there are regular posts uploaded to keep readers and customers engaged. Fashion blogger Rumi Neely has built a successful brand around her style blog Fashion Toast. Rumi has been posting since 2008 and regularly shares her latest outfits, clothing items, beauty products and travel photo diaries with her readers. Fashion Toast features high-quality photos, accompanied with short musings about her adventures, which keeps readers engaged and wanting to come back for more.

Starting up a new blog may feel daunting at first, and you may not know where to begin. PR Daily recently posted a helpful advice-list for new bloggers, which describes what to expect when first starting a new blog. The most important thing to remember is to be patient, as it takes time to build an audience and to really see the benefits and two-way communication that can occur between the blogger and intended audience.